How it Works

Helping campaigners and partners find each other

Unless you know how to 'do it all yourself', partnering-up is the key for successful crowdfunding campaigns. Uncrowdit is the meeting place for campaigners and partners. Our goal is to help you find the best match, as quickly and easily as possible.

You're about to launch your campaign, but feel your content/video/artwork/rewards are not up to par with other campaigns. Or perhaps you've already launched, only to find out that marketing is an essential part of successful crowdfunding. Right now you need to find a partner that will help you turn your campaign into a success. Post your seek_a_partner ad on Uncrowdit, and find your best match.

So, you've had success in several campaigns and know the tricks of the trade, or you are new to the game but want to tap into this lucrative business of crowdfunding through a relevant service you provide. All you need to do is explore the campaign ads, either by service type or category, and seek out relevant campaigns. Once you've located a relevant campaign, you may offer partnership to the campaigner (using our our OfferTokens).

Campaigners' Step-by-step


Create your ad for free

Fill out our seek_a_partner form. It's intuitive and easy.

Get offers from partners

Use our dashboard to view all partnership offers. Offers come with a partner page link and additional information about each partner.

Connect with partners

Contact potential partners directly to request more information or to accept an offer.

Partners' Step-by-step


Choose campaigns you'd like to partner up with

View campaigns seeking to partner up, either by service type or category.

Purchase OfferTokens and create a partner page

Each offer costs one OfferToken. Creating an Uncrowdit partner page is intuitive and easy, and is good for all future offers.

Offer partnership

Make a pitch to relevant campaigns using your partner page and by sending a direct message. Campaigners get back to partners directly, and the details of a potential agreement will be struck by the two parties.