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Helping campaigners and backers find each other

Uncrowdit is a meeting place for campaigners, ex-campaigners, and backers, in an ever-growing and increasingly fragmented crowdfunding world.

You've launched your campaign. Or perhaps you're nearing its end. Right now you need to grab the attention of your potential backers. Get them to notice you by posting your project on Uncrowdit, and link it to your campaign page. So, you've decided to raise funds for your project on your own. Now it's time to let the world know. Post your project on Uncrowdit and link it to your website. If you don't have one, just link it directly to your payment form instead. Browse projects and support causes from multiple platforms & diverse fields, all around the globe. Buy crowdfunded products in the Uncrowdit marketplace. Join the community and share your thoughts & insights with campaigners and other backers. You've raised the funds you needed and you're ready to go to market. Or perhaps you have just the right solution to offer fellow campaigners. Either way, post your product on Uncrowdit, and link it to your website or check-out form.



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Link it to your campaign

When backers click SUPPORT, they will be directed to your campaign or payment form.

Connect with backers and control your page

Use our dashboard to manage your campaigns, add updates, and reply to user comments.

Platform Campaigner {beta mode}

With over a thousand crowdfunding platforms available, it is getting harder and harder to achieve sufficient visibility for your campaign. This is true for campaigns running on the smaller platforms, but also for those running on the larger ones, as they tend to have hundreds of active campaigns in any given category, at any given time.

Moreover, unless your project is an instant-hit or a staff-pick, you will probably find your campaign shelved away in an invisible part of the site (three minutes of scrolling...), still further reducing your chances of success. Even if you do achieve a decent degree of success in the first two weeks, how do you make sure your campaign doesn't stall? You need to make certain your campaign is on a winning path, and that means expanding your reach.

Uncrowdit grants your campaign the exposure it deserves in order to make an impression on our constantly growing array of users, from all over the world. By advertising your campaign on Uncrowdit you add on to the exposure your platform is already giving you and reach new crowds.

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Do-It-Yourself Campaigner

More and more campaigners are opting to self-crowdfund. Perhaps you want to save on costly platform fees (see comparison below), perhaps platform restrictions render the DIY option more viable, or maybe you are displeased with some of the established platforms' policies.

Either way, you now face the challenge of reaching out to backers. Uncrowdit makes it possible for indie campaigners to connect with the crowd. Post your project on Uncrowdit and link it to your website. If you don't have one, link it directly to your payment form – your Uncrowdit page can provide backers with all the info they need, and has the polished look and feel of what is now a standard among platform crowdfunding campaigns.

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How much you spend*: DIY + Uncrowdit vs. typical crowdfunding platform

With DIY + Uncrowdit you get to keep much more of your raised funds in either one of these three scenarios * - This calculation does not include the payment processing fees that are typically charged by a third party (PayPal, Stripe, etc.) in both platform and DIY campaigns