About Us

Uncrowdit is the place to find partners for crowdfunding campaigns. It brings together campaigners (and potential-campaigners), with people (and companies) who have the knowledge and experience to contribute to the success of these campaigns.

Campaigners (and potential-campaigners) get to find the partner/s that they need in order to make their crowdfunding campaign a successful one. Campaigners enjoy the ability to post their ad for free, through our no-hassles interface, and to choose the best partner, by comparing all the offers they get.

Partners gain a unique opportunity to find crowdfunding campaigners who are seeking to partner-up, relevant to their field and type of service, and approach them with a pitch.

Uncrowdit makes the difficult task of matching the right campaigner with the right partner as easy as can be.

How to start? Campaigners can post their seek a partner ad for free, and just wait for the offers to arrive. Partners can start by creating their partner page for free, or alternatively, look for a suitable campaign through our explore page.