About Us

Uncrowdit isn't another crowdfunding platform. It is the first crowdfunding marketplace of its kind. Uncrowdit brings together campaigners, ex-campaigners and backers from all platforms and venues.

Campaigners achieve the visibility they need to make their projects a reality, whether fundraising on a platform or independently (do it yourself campaigns). Campaigners enjoy more fair exposure, that doesn't just favor immediate-hit campaigns. DIY campaigners also get to keep much more of their support money, as illustrated here.

Ex-Campaigners gain a unique opportunity to share their past and present products with the crowdfunding community.

Backers locate the projects worthy of their support from a more diverse and innovative array of projects.

Uncrowdit unites the crowdfunding community, breaching the boundaries of platform and geography, as never seen before in one place.

Virtually every venture has a place on Uncrowdit. Post your platform-hosted project {beta mode}, self-crowdfunded campaign, or crowdfunding-related product.